Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Heavy Eyes: "He Dreams Of Lions"

THE HEAVY EYES: He Dreams of Lions

What Do You Call This?

The Heavy Eyes have been around for a while, but are new to me.  A quick Google search will show them characterized as Psychedelic Blues Rock, but the first bands that come to mind for me when I listen to this album are Fu Manchu and Freedom Hawk.  The tunes are played slowly and deliberately, but done in such a way as to make the them come across as lively and upbeat.  Whatever description you want to give this band, they are a welcome discovery for me.  Their old-school hard rock guitar, bass and drums sound with a touch of fuzz puts them square in the middle of Stoner Rock country.  There are 4 or 5 tunes on the album that really stand out for me, and here is one of them; "Somniloquy":

and here's "Saint:"

The Heavy Eyes are from Memphis, Tennessee, and "He Dreams of Lions" is their third release.

  The Heavy Eyes are: 

Tripp Shumake:  Guitar, Vocals
Wally Anderson: Bass
Eric Garcia: Drums

Here's something I'm thankful for:  I have awesome music to listen to; not everybody does!
Happy Thanksgiving      -ULTRA

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LOTD! Anthrax Evil Twin single

Today's LOTD! is the latest from Anthrax. It's early release single that I assume will be on their upcoming album in 2016. This fits with the style of their last album which was originally written with Dan Nelson in mind for the vocalist. We all know how that went when the band kicked him out and reinstated Joey Belladonna. I'm expecting an album that's a bit slower to match up with Belladonna's delivery. Give it a listen.

Also check out the new cover art for their upcoming cd. Alex Ross once again is the artist. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Compilation of the Month - Relapse Sampler 2015

If you can't find something great on this compilation then you're out of your mind. Relapse comps have always been my go to when I'm looking for something interesting. Oh man this one is a diverse mix of heavy and trippy shit. Check it.

LOTD! Sinister cover everybody!!!!

SINISTER - Dark Memorials

I've been listening to a non stop rotation of old school Sinister and this popped up on my radar. Sinister came out with a covers album and it's sick!!!! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Belzebong's "Greenferno"

BELZEBONG: Greenferno

A Diabolical Dopenosis

I decided to go with a heavy album this week since Grownman's been tied up.  Belzebong sits exactly halfway between stoner rock and heavy metal, in my opinion.  It is plodding, powerful, unrelenting music with a guitar sound that manages to be reminiscent of the 1970's while retaining a modern day metal crunch.

The title of the opening track, "A Diabolical Dopenosis", is a really bad-ass name, and the tune lives up to its title.  Here it is

and here's "Undertoker:"

I am not in the mood for this type of music very often, but when I am, Belzebong, Ufomammut and Electric Wizard are my three top choices. 

Belzebong is:
Cheesy dude: Guitars
Sheepy dude: Bass
Alky dude: Guitars
Hexy dude: Drums
Boogey dude: Visuals

SO much great new music being released right now; I am overwhelmed.  Will be real tough to decide which album to review next, but one way or another, new review next week.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Electric Magma: Silverball


 Newest Electric Magma Album Delivers

 Toronto's Electric Magma has been doing its thing since 2003.  They have a very distinctive sound: instrumental music with a groove, that's heavy on the bass, heavy on the wah, with seamless tight drumming (the band is on its fourth drummer, but Tryg and Tim have remained a constant on bass and guitar).  You will find some vocals on a couple of their earlier albums, but Electric Magma consistently delivers instrumental music that hooks you in early and provides enough variety in each tune to keep you engaged.  The band's website recommends you drink a beer while listening, and I would agree that Electric Magma is great beer-drinkin' music.

Here is "Solenoid Kicker", one of my favorites from the new album.  Give this one some volume:

Now here are the opening tracks, Silverball and Tad.  They were meant to be played consecutively, and here they are.

Electric Magma has quite an extensive discography, and if you like what you are hearing you will not be disappointed in any of the band's prior releases.  Most of them can be downloaded digitally for $5 here:  (click on "Media").  Some can be ordered on CD and vinyl for more money (Canadian Samurai II can be ordered only on vinyl).

Electric Magma  is:

Tryg Smith: Bass
Tim Reesor: Guitars
Neil Lukewich-Pheaton: Drums

That's all for this week;  stay heavy   -ULTRA

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Danzig joins Nuclear Blast for his next "covers" album, Skeletons

Danzig joins Nuclear Blast

Danzig is the latest artist to sign with Nuclear Blast. Nuclear Blast has signed an enormous amount of well known and established bands in the past few years including the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer and Fear Factory. Danzig's next release, Skeletons, will be out in late November and will be the band's first on the label.

Danzig will be headlining this Saturday night's Rock and Shock with his Blackest of the Black lineup including former Misfits guitarist Doyle.

"Skeletons" track listing:
01. Devil's Angels (DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS cover)
02. Satan (theme from "Satan's Sadists")
03. Let Yourself Go (ELVIS PRESLEY cover)
04. N.I.B. (BLACK SABBATH cover)
05. Lord Of The Thighs (AEROSMITH cover)
06. Action Woman (THE LITTER cover)
07. Rough Boy (ZZ TOP cover)
08. With A Girl Like You (THE TROGGS cover)
09. Find Somebody (THE RASCALS cover)
10. Crying In The Rain (THE EVERLY BROTHERS cover)

Saturday, October 10, 2015


CLUTCH: Psychic Warfare

You Had Me At “New Clutch”

Clutch putting out a new album just gives more weight to my argument that 2015 will go down as one of the best years ever for stoner rock and heavy rock music in general.  To me, Clutch is one of the coolest rock bands ever.  True to their name, they come through with great new material year after year, and consistently put on some of the best live shows you’ll ever see.  Clutch has always been about high energy, and the almighty riff.  Clutch puts more cool sounding riffs into one song than many bands get off in a whole album.  Not to mention Neal’s voice is the perfect complement to all this great songwriting.  First, my favorite off the album:  “Your Love Is Incarceration”:

Next, the tune with the official video, “X-Ray Visions:”

Go find when Clutch is playing near you, and make sure you are there when it happens

Clutch is (l-r):

Tim Sult: Guitar
Dan Maines: Bass
Neil Fallon: Vocals/ Guitar
Jean-Paul Gaster: Drums

Enjoy the weekend!    -ULTRA