Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Today's LOTD! is one major head f*ck. I mean that in a very good way. Grindcore!!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

LOTD! Drifters' Grey

Today's listen of the day comes from Columbus, Georgia. This is a peach of a post hardcore band. This particular EP starts off like a JESU clone and then develops into quite a really strong and melodic hardcore offering. Great monday morning listening after a hectic weekend of headbanging. Just pissed off enough for you to get through traffic and the work hours until your first smoke break.
For an extra bonus, they do a mean cover of a cover of SWEET DREAMS in the vein of Marilyn Manson.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback LOTD! Bloody Hammers (2012)

Everybody seems like to Bloody Hammers now. This was before they were really popular. I haven't listened to the latest album but I've heard quite of a few you post about how good it is. So check out their earlier stuff and see where they started out way back in 2012...snarky sarcasm

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LOTD! (Kyuss/Vista Chino)John Garcia's My Mind

Today's Listen of the Day! is a special one. As a long time fan of Kyuss, it's great to hear that John Garcia's first solo album is coming out. This is the first single off the new album and it's a great tune you need to check out if you were a fan of Kyuss and the stoner bands they influenced. Contemporary sound with the classic grit.


KYUSS, Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano, VISTA CHINO - wherever John Garcia had a hand in turned immediately to success. The 44 -year-old always understood to create an own style within those bands and established himself as the most distinctive voice of the entire Desert / Stoner Rock scene.
John Garcia has delivered a multi-faceted and extremely intense solo album that will stir up more dust than a sandstorm in the California desert.

Director - Douglas Quill
Producer - Douglas Quill, Alexandre Souetre
Director of Photography - David Desio
Editor - Bryan Colvin
Production Designer - Chelsea Turner
Colorist - Alexandre Souetre
Special FX Makeup - Lili Kaytmaz
Costume Designer - Brent Roberts

Release dates:
25.07.2014 G/A/S
01.08.2014 FIN & Benelux
04.08.2014 UK & EUROPE
05.08.2014 US/CAN
06.08.2014 ESP/SWE/NOR

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Oshkosh By Goshhh... these doomer's do me right...hailing from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Attala throwdown some really tasty doom metal. The vocals come in and out allowing for the really talented drummer and rhythm section to direct the ship into heady waters. This is the type of jamming I enjoy on a record. It doesn't get boring and keeps the groove moving. Check'em out

Monday, July 14, 2014

First official single "I AM NOTHING" released off Electric Wizard's TIME TO DIE

The long awaited return of Electric Wizard is upon us. The first single "I Am Nothing" was released today via Soundcloud link below. The release date for this behemoth of an album will be Sept. 30th. It's their first release off the Spinefarm label.

As an extremely loyal fan of this band despite the member line up changes and the infrequent touring/releases, this is a welcomed single. The band sounds like they are on a less kinder high than their Dopethrone days as the vocals sound even more unhinged than previous efforts. (Think the local druggie in town who swears he's clean but has that thousand yard stare deep beneath his furrowed brow.)The really upfront sawing effect of the guitars on this track almost completely drown out the signature vocals of Jus Osborn but don't they always? It's always difficult for me to hear just one Electric Wizard track. Their albums are epic doom opus' that need to be listened the whole way through so while it's a great early gift for the fans, it only leaves me wanting a lot more. The production sounds good but early releases are always suspect and could be retooled before the final mastering. Sept. 30th can't come soon enough.

What's in Ray's Head? Part 1


What's in Ray's Head? Metal!

This week we take a look at what Ray's been listening to and what you should be too. Delve into the brutality and beef up your own collection with a mix of new and old classics straight from the brain of a diehard who's consistently on point. Turn it up loud and give your neighbors another reason to hate ya…hahahahaha

(Listed below is just part 1 of What's in Ray's Head? recent picks ... next week we'll hit ya with part 2)
Bal Sagoth - Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria (Symphonic Black Metal)
Beltane - Expressionists (Black Metal)
Svafnir - The Heathen Chapters (Pagan Metal)
Syg:Ar:Tyr - Beyond The North Winds (Pagan Metal)

Slough Feg - Digital Resistance (Heavy Metal)
Taunusheim - Nebelkampfe (Viking Metal)
Frostmoon - Tordenkrig ("Frost"/Viking Metal)
Negura Bunget - Virstele Pamintului (Black Metal (early), Progressive/Folk/Atmospheric Black Metal)
Tormentor - Anno Domini (Black Metal (early), Experimental Rock (later))
Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare (Norwegian black metal)
Enslaved - Mardraum (Norwegian Progressive Black Metal)
Einherjer - Blot(Norwegian Black/Viking Metal)
Absu - Abzu (American Black Metal)
Tartaros - The Grand Psychotic Castle (Norwegian symphonic black metal)
Creeping - Funeral Crawl (Doom/Black Metal)

Darkthrone - Darkthrones And Black Flags (Death Metal (early), Black Metal (mid), Punk/Black/Heavy Metal (later))
Death - Leprosy (Death Metal (early), Death/Progressive Metal (later))
Dodheimsgard - 666 International (Black Metal (early), Avant-garde/Black/Industrial Metal (later))

LOTD! Primal's Muzyka Żałobna

Today's LOTD! is brought to you by way of POLAND. This blasphemous piece of Black Metal is blistering and really friggin weird. The vocalizations are all performed in Hebrew.  The band calls itself (Anti)religious Music on it's bandcamp and after you hear this you'll understand why.