Sunday, March 1, 2015


Stoner Rock Around the World: Italian Edition

Italy is beginning to produce stoner rock bands at an impressive rate.  It is on my "To-Do-List" to familiarize myself with the new throwback bands coming out of Italy.  But for today, let's spotlight two time-tested pioneers of the Italian stoner rock scene:

BLACK RAINBOWS:  Gabriele Fiore is master of the riff, and has a guitar sound and songwriting style that are truly his own.  Black Rainbows  have quite a few albums, all of which are highly worthy.  This one starts off with some good cowbell, but THE Bruce Dickinson clearly did not direct this video.

Who else could be next but UFOMAMMUT, with "Hopscotch", from 2003's Snailking album.  Ufomammut is on the doom side of the stoner rock spectrum, with maybe even a touch of drone in there as well

I like this band way better than SLEEP; what do you think?  Next week: We may come back to MA before going back on world tour.  The decision is not final yet.  But to the several millions of readers of this post:  Stoner rock will never go away.    STAY HEAVY      -ULTRA

Friday, February 27, 2015

Update: Mohegan Sun Wolfden Dates

 Mohegan Sun's Wolfden has some great shows coming up for FREE!!!


Just announced 

FRIDAY APRIL 3rd, 2015 @ 8pm


Friday March 6th, 2015 @8pm


This Friday, March 28th, 2015 @8pm

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

LOTD! Henry Rollins

A new Henry and Heidi podcast just showed up in my itunes and today the subject of that Podcast is the Rollins Band. So today's listen delves back into an underrated Rollins Band album, Come in and Burn. I will always recall picking this up at a Lechmere's retail store that was going out of business. It still brings me back to the careless and pissed off days of my youth. Enjoy this and the podcast.  Subscribe to the podcast here:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Today LOTD! goes out to ALL THAT REMAINS! One of Grownman's favorite bands released their new "The Order Of Things" cd today and you can check out his review below. For now check out the first three tracks made available to the public prior to the release.

REVIEW - All That Remains' The Order of Things


I feel like I have to preface this review by revealing I'm a really huge fan of Phil Labonte and company. I've been fortunate enough to run into the band on several occasions in the past and see the band at it's humble beginnings all the way up to the Fall of Ideals album. They are great to their fans and regardless of what you may or may not feel about Labonte's opinions on politics he's a hell of a metal vocalist.

Back in the Nineties Labonte was the frontman of another popular western mass band SHADOWSFALL. I picked up their first album in a hole in the wall record store John Dwyer of Pathos Records sold his metal cds through. It has become one of my favorite albums over the years. The dual vocals of both Labonte and Matt Bachand really made that album a diverse thrash classic with a lot of haunting melodies. How does that relate to the album I'm about to review?

Well folks, each ATR album is as diverse as the next and this one has a whole lot of melody. Haunting? No...positive and uplifting? Yes

The first three tracks I heard off this album were a real indicator that the band was expanding on their sound in a big way. No Knock is as heavy as they've sounded in years. A track that lyrically brings to the forefront the issue of law enforcement and the fourth amendment. This Probably Won't End Well sounds like a great transitional break up song that could be paired with Last Time off the "For We Are Many" album or What if I Was Nothing off the "War You Can Not Win" album. Tru-Kvlt-Metal really takes their mixture of clean/harsh singing and melody to newer heights which in it's darkest moments brings to mind the strained vocals of SIX off the "Fall of Ideals" album.

I was extremely excited to hear this release with those three tracks already committed to memory and I'm glad to say as a fan of the band since it's inception I am not disappointed.

Divide, The Greatest Generation and For You are lyrically and melodically driven tunes that focus more on songwriting than pummeling. This trifecta forms a nice barrier between the brutality of No Knock and A Reason For Me to Fight where Oli Hebert really flexes his muscles in satriani'esque flourishes throughout the riffs and scales.

Victory Lap has a great rock feel. It has a bouncy and upbeat rhythm. It's one of the bands most scaled back songs ever committed to tape.

Pernicious is a standout track with nice balance of groove and instrumentation throughout. Jeanne Sagan showcases her chops on bass and lends a hand on backing vocals. It's rhythmically one of the best tracks on the album.

Bite My Tongue is another track that defines how far this band has come musically since Fall of Ideals. Upbeat and powerful riffs and chugs. The percussion is on point. Just listen to that jazzy interlude? Listen to that bass? Highly efficient and effective playing on this by all members.

Fiat Empire turns the heat back up on the heavy. The riffing on this so freaking great! Martin and Hebert are an underrated rhythm section. Labontes vocal range on this so crazy as he reaches almost Brian Wilson'esque heights on the chorus and descends into the depths of hell for those crazy screams he's famous for.

ATR finishes out the album with a nice acoustic intro on Criticism and Self Realization that transitions into a beautiful mix of brutality and melody. The range from vitriol to uplifting is incredible.

My overall concensus is that this album is a very solid one. While not nearly their heaviest it may be one of their most cohesive and balanced. I've read that Phil Labonte wasn't as proud of their last album as he had been of his previous efforts. I think this one will sit very well with the frontman and the long time fans like me who have enjoyed the great musical path All That Remains has taken us on. Big ups!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Stoner Rock Around the World: Japanese Edition (part 2)

CHURCH OF MISERY!!!  For the uninitiated, every Church of Misery tune is about a different serial killer.  Oh, and by the way, every Church of Misery tune is heavier than an anvil dropped on your foot.  This one is called "The Gray Man", and is about serial killer, rapist and cannibal Albert Fish (1870-1936).

A couple of guys from Church of Misery had this side project in 2003 called Sonic Flower.  They put out a single album, but it is a must-have for any Stoner Rock-o-phile.  I picked the tune "Astroqueen" to play here, but each of the six tunes on this album is equally awesome

Japanese Stoner Rock has that "in-your-face", heavy but almost flashy guitar sound.  Hope you enjoyed the Japanese part 1 and part 2 posts; We're hitting up some Italian Stoner Rock next Sunday.  Until then:  STAY HEAVY      -ULTRA

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Podcast featuring Henry Rollins

H&H Podcast
available on ITUNES
Hey Folks, check out the new Henry and Heidi podcast starring "ME"tal 101 Alum Henry Rollins and friend/assistant/all around nice person Heidi May. The first two episodes are now available. Henry's stories about Black Flag and his current day to day lifestyle in LA are incredible. Heidi knows Henry inside and out. She provides the yin to Henry's yang and it's a perfect compliment. The first two stories are full of hilarious and touching stories about living at the Ginn family homestead, daily life in LA and Henry's birthday. Definitely a great listen!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Heavy Metal Textbooks Radio Episode 2

Fork Tongue is back with some raw, grimy, filthy, under appreciated death metal in this February edition of HMTB Radio.

No talk, all metal. All killer, no filler.


LOTD! Raw music for the weary spirits like me that live in the constant arctic temperatures of New England. Seriously four weeks of snow and barely a hint of the sun. The wheel wells of vehicles perpetually filled with ice setting off the tire pressure sensors on cars across the region. I'm officially deputizing this three track ep as our February soundtrack. If we thaw out we'll posting much more but for now. Suffer like the rest of us.