Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Geoff Tate returns to sound exactly like the watered down version of Queensryche we thought he'd bring to the table.

I started this blog reporting about infighting in Queensryche a few years ago. So why wouldn't I write about it now?

First off it's not hard to beat any expectations I have of what a Geoff Tate lead band will sound like that isn't Queensryche. The last Ryche album with Tate's handpicked members went over like a fart in church. I've said enough about what's gone on between Tate and the other members of the band. I've talked about how quickly many of the hand picked band found reasons why they couldn't tour to support the album that generated a contest about how much fans hated it. Rats jumping ship.  Remember that label even sponsoring that said contest and the very person to win was the least critical fan to even make it into the final round.

Ok, so the court case went on forever. Queensryche got to keep their name, Tate got paid off and was allowed to start a new band with a name that completely sounds like a Queensryche tribute band. OPERATION: MINDCRIME What was Tate's first plan of action for this new band? To write the completion of the Mindcrime arc throughout the next several albums of the band's initial offering. Talk about hogtying the creativity of your new band for years to come. Talk about an identity crisis.

So today this track appears in my Youtube. The hair, man that hair....Tate has a thing for switching up the mohawk and goatee to just a goatee every few years. It's cool, I get it, with all that hair dye going to waste just dyeing a beard you might as well grow out a chia pet on your head.

SO on to the music. What do I think of this first taste of OPERATION: MINDCRIME?...if this was actually a tribute band, I'd write them and tell them good job. It's what I'd expect from a tribute band playing the hallowed halls of an Asian cuisine and buffet joint on Saturdays in my hometown.
Oh wait, this is the genuine, original Ryche crooner. The spitter. The wine glass and vest man. hmm....Well, it's actually exactly what I thought it would be. The worn down voice of a guy who took his position in a once great band for granted and decided to start a pissing match with his band mates in public for the whole world to see. A world of viral videos and everything that actually used to happen behind doors all for the world to see - type of world. Good job Tate. You've succeeded in attaching your wagon to the sound that all the fans and your former band mates wish you had continued to perform instead of the shite you call burlesque when you were actually still in the band.
Whoop deee dooooo...

Monday, July 27, 2015

Jungle Rot vocalist puts Kerry King on blast!

So it's no secret I'm pretty disgusted with Kerry King's comments on his band, bandmates and other bands. It's become too common that blabbermouth and various other Metal sites will quote King's passive aggressive tirades about the industry and anything that seems to cross his mind at any given time. Am I a Slayer Fan? Yes, but it's become much more difficult to enjoy their music and separate the characters in the band. Yes, characters. It's hard to believe that a band that good could be run by two guys who seem to have nothing in common with any other band or musician. I don't even know what these guys are about. First, you downgrade the contributions of your primary songwriter Jeff Hanneman after he passes away and then you dump one of the best metal drummers of all time because you don't value his contributions enough to pay him a fair wage. Come on now.

So recently Slayer has been headlining this year's Mayhem fest along side King Diamond. The tour has been a subject of controversy since the promoter was quoted as saying he was holding out on a Pantera reunion for his fest. Also with costs of musical festivals soaring each year, Mayhem had to narrow down it's scale from four to two stages. I recently spoke with some fans who attended the New England tour stop for the fest and they conveyed dismay over the lack of stages/diversity. So there is that. No fest is gonna be perfect. I look fondly on the Ozzfests I attended back in the day. That was a properly run fest and boy were there some stinkers on both the main and second stages. You can't please everyone every time. But what if you are musician in a band headlining a tour and you decide to spout off on how it's run? What do you think the other musicians should feel about your thoughts mid tour?

Dave Matrise of Jungle Rot recently conducted an interview with Live Metal over King comments with Metal Insider. Click here to read the entire interview

“I’m gonna be truthful—I take it very personal. I’m a longtime Slayer fan, and I hate to say it, but now I’m gonna change my thoughts about Slayer over this. It’s because of the simple fact that there’s a lot of people, including myself, and a lot of bands here that have a lot of money invested in this tour, and we’re trying to make our money back ,and we’re trying to keep this thing rolling. And here’s this guy, and he opens his mouth and sabotages the tour, in my opinion. And then he talks shit about Victory (Records) and that’s are label as well, and calls it a “shit stage.” Well, if it wasn’t for Victory probably getting this stage, this tour would’ve never even happened.
“That’s just my opinion, and if he would get off the bus once in a while instead of charging $20 for a picture or a signing or whatever the hell he does, he’d probably see that there’s some really good talent out there, man. So yeah, I take it very personal, I think he stuck his foot in his mouth and I hope this turns on him and I hope for the worst. I have had enough, the guy’s been runnin’ his mouth enough and this is the final draw.”

BRAVO! Dave Matrise, I always have been a Jungle Rot fan and this quote makes me proud to be a supporter. Finally, a musician finally stands up for himself against Kerry King. I normally try to stay out of controversy....unless it has something to do with Geoff Tate...that said Kerry King has become the spokesman for all things Slayer over the years and it carries weight in the media unfortunately. What he does say about his band and tours he is on affect the rest of the touring roster. Sure, he has the right to say anything he wants but when it comes at the detriment to those sharing the workload to make his band a success, I think he needs to take a look in the mirror. Slayer's last good album was "God Hates Us All" and they are about to drop their new album this year.....Kings quotes have done a disservice to the band so far this year....If the new album sucks, they are gonna have a lot of fans/bands /labels/promoters hating them also.

New Sevendust coming in October...Check out "Thank You"

Sevendust return in October with their new album "Kill The Flaw". This is a followup to their acoustic album, "Time Travelers & Bonfires". I'm really looking forward to seeing what direction they go with this. I really enjoyed their last proper release, "Black out the Sun". The acoustic album was not my cup of tea. This track sounds like it's following in the steps of "Black out the Sun", which is a really good thing. Check it out for yourself. We'll keep you posted if anything else drops off this album before it's release on October 2, via 7Bros. Records.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

SIDEBURN: Evil Or Divine

Wow! I am relatively new to Stockholm, Sweden’s band Sideburn, which was formed in 1997.  Their sound is a really interesting blend of early 80’s heavy metal, a bit of later metal and a healthy dose of classic 70’s rock.  I had previously owned only their 2012 release “IV: Monument.”  It’s really good, and I’ve given it lots of plays (‘Fire and Water’ is my favorite tune) but the new album “Evil or Divine” blew me away right from the first listen.  It’s obvious that this band could pick almost any style of rock and write tunes that would absolutely destroy.  But Sideburn incorporates so many influences into each album that they defy classification.  

If you have 11 or 12 minutes to spare and are game for a ‘two-fer’, check out tracks one and two from “Evil or Divine” and get sucked into the album like I did.  If you are only going to click on one tune out of curiosity however, go for track two below, “Sea of Sins.”  Fairly sure you’ll listen to the other one afterwards, even if you didn’t want to spend that much time. 

Here is track 1, “Masters and Slaves”:  When you think it's getting monotonous, it moves on, and it contains some truly perfect guitar soloing

And now track 2, one of the coolest rock tunes I’ve heard, “Sea of Sins”:

Sideburn is:
Martin KarlssonBass, Vocals (backing)
Fredrik BroqvistDrums, Percussion, Vocals (backing)
Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)

Until Next week - Rock on!  

Friday, July 24, 2015

New Fear Factory - Dielectric

Fear Factory
(Genexus coming August 7th)

Very cool track, as a fan I'm pumped. Everything I've heard off this new album sounds incredible. This delves back into the sound I love the most. Heavy with signature industrial textures and catchy grooves. Everything has a pop to it. Look for this on August 7th off Nuclear Blast!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

After The Burial Guitarist found dead

The death of Justin Lowe guitarist of After The Burial has been confirmed. Justin was reported missing by his family recently and a search had been made for his whereabouts. His body was discovered beneath a bridge where his car had been found a few days earlier. Reports say his death was caused by an apparent fall. Justin had been showing signs of paranoia and mental illness over the last year. Lowe left the band recently, posting via facebook about his concerns toward the label, management and the band stealing from him and causing him physical harm. He was only 32.
I didn't know the man, but I did see his passion for performing music during the band's set last year opening for Killswitch Engage. It's sad to see any of our metal brothers leave us at an early age.