Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cold Was the Ground

The Midnight Ghost Train has been around since 2007, but it was 2012’s album “Buffalo” which vaulted them into Stoner Rock Elite status.  The Midnight Ghost Train has perfected their unique version of the fuzz sound, and their songwriting talent makes the whole package really special.  Steve Moss’ vocals are reminiscent of Neil Fallon’s on the early Clutch albums.  The new album “Cold Was the Ground” picks up right where “Buffalo” left off.  Both albums start off with short, fast, aggressive instrumental intros that will have you whipping your head up and down almost instantly.  Both albums keep it fresh from beginning to end.  There is not a single sub-par tune on either album; “TMGT” is honest, high-energy hard stoner rock.  Buffalo was rated the “Greatest Stoner Rock Record of 2012” by Heavy Planet magazine, and we have a “greater than or equal to” follow-up early in 2015.  Please click the arrow and see for yourself! 

Here's some live footage:

The Midnight Ghost Train is:

Brandon Burghart – Drums
Steve Moss – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Boyne – Bass

CUNext Sunday

Saturday, March 21, 2015


I had to do a review this week, since there is a new Ufomammut album out this month.  The band’s website indicates that the album is about to be released, but you can hear all the tracks on Youtube already  (not sure how that happens).  Ufomammut (the name is a combination of unidentified flying object and the Italian word for Mammoth) has been belting out its unique brand of heavy, doomy, sludgy stoner rock for about fifteen years now, and that amount of practice has made them consummate professionals at what they do.  If you are not familiar with them, check out these two vids.  To me they are quite different than Electric Wizard, yet I think there is probably a good 95% “also like” ratio among fans of the two bands.  Here is the band’s own description of this mind-blowing album, taken from the website:

             Ecate is the title worthy of deities and of Ufomammut‘s seventh album, which is due out on 30th March via Neurot Recordings.
The Italian power trio, known for their almighty heavy capabilities and psychedelic prowess, have as many discernible similarities as they do differences to their formative roots. Never pandering to the easy classification of doom, Ufomammut charge their sludgy output with inimitable energy and wild, wayfaring ambition which is matched by the tight-knit musical understanding that flows telepathically between the three members; Poia, Urlo, and Vita.
On their latest album, Ufomammut take a confident step forward with their craft, orchestrating atmospheric processions that take the six songs on the album to places as of yet uncharted, the only guide being that of Ecate (Hecate in English), the three-sided goddess who moves between the realms of the living, the dead, and the gods. Traditionally associated with matters of the liminal (statues of her can be found at crossroads and city walls, where she would be believed to either bless or curse travellers), she represents the link between the past, the present and the future in a way which resonates true with Ufomammut, and with the name of the band, too.”
Here is "Plouton", from the new album:

If you liked that, check out this live version of "Superjunkhead", performed two years ago at the Keep It Low festival in Germany.  The sound quality is just good enough to give you an idea of how good they sounded at this show.  Ufomammut will be beginning its first ever US tour this May.  Brooklyn is the closest they are coming to Massachusetts.  Roadtrip, anyone?

Ufomammut is:
Poia – Guitars and fx
Urlo – Bass, vocals, FX and synths
Vita – Drummer

Hope you enjoyed this post, and hope some of you go pick up this album.  I certainly will; this is one band I want to support.  I have been listening to them for years, but have recently come to appreciate them on a new level.  Check in with you next week; until then, STAY HEAVY!  -ULTRA

Thursday, March 19, 2015

LOTD! Wooden Stake

Today's LOTD! is a shout out to one of our favorite "ME"TAL 101 guests Vanessa Nocera of Wooden Stake and many great underground metal bands. Check out the new Wooden Stake album and support independent metal labels by purchasing great albums and rep their awesome t shirts amongst other cool merch.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


CANADA !!!!!

First up: RUSH and then LOVERBOY!  


sHEAVY, from Newfoundland, home of the Beothuk!!!
Every album by Sheavy is highly worthy, but Disfigurine in particular is underrated.  Here is the epic "War on Titan".  Evan Chaulker kills it, especially his melodic soloing in the last minute of the tune.  I have to think Evan was a big Michael Schenker fan.  This album represented new ground for Sheavy at the time.  

Now, from Toronto, it's ELECTRIC MAGMA.  They sound like nobody else, and nobody else sounds like them.  That right there is difficult to accomplish after so many years of the evolution of  rock music.  It's hard to imagine that a band this great is so obscure, but I'm tellin' a few people about them; how about you?  
So many great Electric Magma tunes are NOT posted on Youtube, but this one is:  it's called "Bongtastic Beerfoolery."  

Check in for some more international stoner rock next Sunday morning.  Until then, study your heavy metal textbooks, dammit!!!!


(ps: did anybody google Beothuk?)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th LOTD!!!

It's your lucky day...that's right, another Friday the 13th and yep I just reminded you. We are dropping on you Thirteen new(er) mirror shattering albums you need to hear now. Just for you. You lucky bastards.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Podcasts to check out this week!

THE JASTA SHOW has an incredible interview with Adam D. of Killswitch Engage. As someone that really appreciates the Western Mass Metal scene and the venues that many of the bands cut their teeth in, this is a nice walk down memory lane. It's so in my wheel house I may be glamorizing this episode but I think this is one of the most genuine discussions between two musicians that came up around the same time. From talks about production, former members of bands and even the recent releases of other bands from the scene.

The latest pod features some great background history on how Henry started doing Spoken Word or what he calls Talking Shows.

LOTD! Gruesome

Let's get this day going strong. Check out Gruesome's upcoming Debut "Savage Land".