Friday, May 22, 2015

Thy Will Be Done, Gaskill, Oxblood Forge

A big shout out to Kevin Grant, lead vocalist of Gaskill who's contributed immensely to this site. He and Gaskill will be playing June 26th on a bill with Providence's THY WILL BE DONE. If you're in the area, make sure to hit up the show and bring a friend.

Friday Rewind

One of Us Is the Killer
The Dillinger Escape Plan

FRIDAY REWIND where we look back at a record that we may have overlooked and really dig long after it's release. The Dillinger Escape Plan's One of Us Is the Killer was well regarded by fans and critics alike when it was released in 2013. I was made a believer in the band by their opening set at a Deftones concert shortly before this album was released. The band had extremely high energy and successfully worked through a few sound issues to tear the roof off the place.

Today I decided to toss this album on again and give it a fresh listen.
This album has a nice mixture of freakout and off time signature moments. At times the band actually sounds like Faith No More on steroids which makes their earlier one off EP with Mike Patton on vocals make more sense. My favorite tracks are the more straight forward tunes that highlight the bands ability to strip down the wacky, over the top moments and stick to some really nice song writing. This is worth the time and effort to check out and get acclamated with a band that you'll soon realize doesn't get the credit it deserves in a world of clones who stay pretty close to the fringes of their own specific genres. The Dillinger Escape Plan take risks and have a high percentage of success!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today we are starting a TEAM SLEEP Thursday Weekly post for our site....why? Because TEAM SLEEP is amazing and will be working on a new album that can be preordered at this link

For social media check out the links below

For now check out a sweet Demos compilation below. We'll update you more on the new release next week and talk about how kickass their first release was from back in the day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Music from Steve Zing(Danzig) - Blak29

Be prepared to have your socks knocked off by Blak29, a new project lead by Steve Zing of Danzig fame. This is killer new stuff!

Saturday, May 9, 2015



Mixed Bag is not the name of a band, but refers to a post with two very different tunes which would normally be played together.  

I mentioned the untitled track from Nullset's self-titled album in last week's post, so I wanted to make sure it gets posted.  It's an awesome bonus track; you actually feel like the band gave you a gift.

Next:  Even though I posted a review of this Atomic Bitchwax album a couple of weekends ago, the album is really special and needs to be shared.  Here is "Down With The Swirl" from TAB's album "Gravitron."

In my opinion, The Atomic Bitchwax's Gravitron and Elder's Lore are the frontrunners for album of the year.  Hope you enjoyed these tunes       -ULTRA

Friday, May 8, 2015

DEATH CURSE debut album on CD coming from Razorback Records this month!!

DEATH CURSE debut album on CD coming from Razorback Records this month!!

Original death/horror/punk/speed metal!

Check out a song here!

Gaskill on Cassette now available

This is the music of my college years. This is the band that made me lose my shit as I moshed along with a close knit group of metalheads in the confines of a small rock club in New Bedford, Mass called the New Wave Cafe. This is raw and uncompromising music that sets your soul on fire and forces your body to move.

This was as important to me as bands like Bad Brains and Black Flag were to many of my peers. This was the underground in my own backyard. Living an easy driving distance between the cities of Providence and New Bedford, you get to see a lot of great underground bands in clubs, bars, living rooms and sometimes even renovated slaughterhouses. Experiencing a Gaskill show set the bar.

Now everyone can listen to and own this classic, recently remastered and uploaded to the band's Bandcamp page, You can choose from the digital or actual cassette version (limited edition).
Stream it below...but don't be a cheapskate, order this and thank me later.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Misdemeanors - Dehumanized EP - Review

Dehumanized EP 

Misdemeanors out of NYC are back with a brand new EP, Dehumanized. They really killed it with their last release Danger to Society. They practice a spirited brand of hardcore that lends an ear to the early to mid eighties scene. The first track "They Live" shows up to kick a ton of ass (they must be all out of bubble gum). The raw and unadulterated joy of the drum beat riding beneath bending guitar riffs and shouting vocals is definitely one to be heard. "Raygun" is fast, furious and ready to shred your face off. The Keith Morris'esque vocal delivery fits perfectly with the aggressive punk bombastity of the band. "FNA" is a dirty sounding tune that kicks off at a raucous pace and perfectly incorporates call/response shouting. The title track "Dehumanized" does what even Keith Morris's Off project doesn't do enough of, keep the vocals in the mix and not push it so forward that you lose track of the band's performance behind it. The track is fully flushed out and is equal parts gritty and explosive. The breakdown and pace change a third ways in gives this track exactly what it needed, a space to breathe. These guys have grown since their last release and it left me wanting about ten more tracks just like this. But I guess that's what EP's are for anyway right? Pick this up now.

Listen of the Week. Volume 2

Hey last week wasn't so bad, I was able to post a weeks worth of heavy music. This week reflects my recent bad mood. No explanation needed. You reap what you sew is my motto and some people sure are dumb. So this goes out to my "brothers of the squared circle".

When all is said and done...mondays

Tuesday for Satan... 

Wednesday is for the thrashers...This cd is so damn good. Exodus with Kirk

By Thursday you're pretty tired of all the bullshit and looking forward to the weekend. But before you get there it's time to hand out a little bit of payback before payday.

When Friday roles around and you're asked to stay late or come in for a few hours on aint got time for that.....Can't stop, Won't Stop...

It's Saturday....and you're "Hungry"

Sunday and thinking about Monday...."Gun in the Mouth Blues"