Monday, September 29, 2014

November 1st & 2nd - Rhode Island Comic Con News

Coming this November, Heavy Metal Textbooks comes back to Rhode Island Comic Con. Last year was such a blast we're heading back to the Biggest Comic Con in the Smallest State. We look forward to interviewing some of the many guests, artists and cosplayers at the convention. We'll also have a ton of photos and review our own experiences as we navigate the Rhode Island convention floors. Our staff of writers look forward to another great year at the Rhode Island Comic Con!

For more details and ticket information see link below. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review - Godmaker

The good folks at Godmaker, have given us a sneak preview of their new 4 track LP. It's quite possibly one of the best stoner, doom, sludgy, hardcore efforts of 2014. That's saying something considering the abundance of bands releasing quality albums this year. Godmaker are a unique Brooklyn metal outfit comprised of a few guys from New York and a few from Kansas. All our bonded by their relationship with their respective hardcore scenes. 

Below I lay out a track by track analysis since doing a simple overview would not do this album justice. Enjoy it, Share it, Buy it.

When I first heard Megalith which was streaming on Godmaker's band camp page I had to stop what I was doing and immediately share it with our readers as a LOTD! That doesn't happen often. I was floored by the production and musicianship for starters. The thunderous drums, riff and rhythm of it's intro is so vicious and then we hit the slower stoner transition. Man prepare yourself for a fucking ride. The rawness of the vocals are a perfect compliment to the heavy rhythm section flowing up front. There is indeed a method to their groovy madness as the band slide scales between fast and slow breakdowns. It comes off as something akin to rhythmically tossing gas on a flame. The interplay between all the elements of the band is so heavy and spot on.

Shallow Points definitely hits the right Sabbathian notes with me. I love this track. With a groove nice and slow, making your head nod along with each riff. This is as good as it gets people. The haunting vocals and slower transitions are powerful. Just listen to those drummmmms. The old school drum roll is perfectly placed in a transition that flows into a tasty rhythm that I wish would never end.

Desk Murder, by gawd. Anyone that knows my musical fandom for that Kyuss riff will know when they hear this track ignite how much of a tent I pitched.
The vocals are so distraught they echo and then methodically haunt over a chuggy riff roller coaster. The proggy rhythms are beautiful. This is a band that knows the ins and out of constructing something thats as interesting as it is heavy. Once again this has a groove that I find a lot of bands that try to play sludgy or heavy lack these days.

Faded Glory has an incredible bass driven groove. It brings to mind some of my favorite Down tunes. There is more of a jammy feel to the track and it comes around full circle to Megalith's intro. This musical journey was well planned out.

Godmaker are a force to be reckoned with. Four tracks of heavy, sludgy, stoner-esque riffage and rhythms that will keep your head bobbing on a swivel. Melodies and distraught vocals that soar over a barrage of thunderous devastation. Get this album.

Godmaker is
Andrew Archey (bass)
Jon Lane (drums) 
Pete Ross (Vox / Guitars)
Chris Strait (guitars)

Godmaker's debut self-titled release is due November 11, 2014 on Aqualamb and will be available digitally, as well as part of a new 100-page book format, featuring the artwork of Joseph Silver and Stephen Wilson. A special, limited edition cassette tape will also be available through Dullest Records. The 4-song, 33-minute LP was produced and mixed by Justin Mantooth and recorded with the help of Phil Duke.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LOTD! - Rigor Mortis - Flesh for Flies

Twenty five years in the making...this new self released material was crowd funded by fans on the indiego website. The pre orders raised over $22,000 and is helping the band offset the cost of releasing their swan song which was originally recorded in 2012 at Ministry's 13th Planet Studios before the death of guitarist Mike Scaccia. Scaccia who died on stage during a Rigor Mortis performance in 2012 also performed in the band Ministry. Please check out the first single and order the new album when it's released in October.

Mike Scaccia (Rigor Mortis, Ministry, The Revolting Cocks)

Vice's NOISEY Premiers New Mini Series Doc on the music scene in NOLA

NOLA: Life, Death And Heavy Blues From The Bayou
The heavy hitters of online journalism VICE are using their music news dept., Noisey, to cover the NOLA scene in their new 7 parts series titled NOLA: Life, Death and Heavy Blues from the Bayou.
The series delves into the culture and history of the New Orleans sound better known to metal fans as NOLA. Some of the most well known bands covered in this series include DOWN, EYEHATEGOD, CROWBAR, ACID BATH & GOATWHORE. This series will tackle the music, drugs, suicides and the effect of Katrina on the whole scene. Check out the first episode below.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

LOTD! Misdemeanors

Misdemeanors - Danger to Society
Man are NY bands killing it these days or what? The underground scene is abundant with bands just destroying stages every time they step foot in a club. Add another title to the list. Misdemeanors' Danger to Society is a molotov cocktail of the best elements of early hardcore. The raw production is perfect for this style of noisy hardcore punk. Short devastating songs that completely bring me back to the mid 80's. Grab your board and skate on for this one.

Friday, September 19, 2014

ROCK AND SHOCK 2014 NEWS: Jeremy Saffer Presents: The Rocking Dead: Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Wednesday 13, Ace Von Johnson and More

View some cool photos at

We're proud to announce a friend of the Heavy Metal Textbooks family and photographer extraordinaire, Jeremy Saffer, will be on hand at this years Rock and Shock with some excellent guests. Make sure to stop by "The Rocking Dead" booth to meet some of your favorites and say hello to one of the premiere Rock and Metal photogs in the business today.

LOTD! Kings of Florida Death Metal are Back!!! Obituary

Obituary are back in a big way! It's been some time since I've heard such an exciting Death Metal offering. These Florida legends are poised to drop one of the most impactful Metal albums of the year. Inked in Blood is their first release on Relapse records. It will hit stores on October 27th and can be preordered via the band's bandcamp. Check out the new single and also see a live fan filmed version of the album's title track below.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

LOTD! Windhand

Today's LOTD! is a tribute to tomorrow night's concert in Providence, RI @the AS220. The show is sponsored by our favorite local record shop, Armageddon. Windhand's SOMA was an incredible 2013 release that satiated my appetite for all things heavy. Headliners Windhand will be bringing along a stellar lineup that includes All Them Witches and Ilsa. The show starts @9pm for the low, low, low price of $10. Go check out some high quality, ass kicking METAL!!!!

Heavy Metal Movie Review - Godzilla

Review by Grownman

Where can I even begin? I'm probably gonna spoil some details on here so stop reading until you've watched it or if you're weird like me keep on reading.

So here we go. I made sure to take some mental notes about the film while enjoying a bag of pretzel rods and a fine pumpkin brew, Jack-O Traveler, by the fine folks at Traveler Brewing. Sadly the best part of the movie experience was the snacks and seasonal booze.

I'm a huge fan of early Godzilla movies. Back in the 80's I got my first taste of the Kaiju King on a program called Creature Double feature. Along with pro wrestling, monster movies were a staple of my weekend viewing habits. Back then you were lucky to catch a few classic monster flicks. Video stores were barely in existence and a football phone was the coolest technology I owned.

So back to the future. dvd in the player, trailers viewed and the movie begins. Being a font and design geek, I loved seeing the names of actors being displayed like text on declassified files, white outs and all. It was a clever move as it transitioned well with the layers of schematics and old news footage at the beginning of the movie. That's where all the fun of this movie ends.

Spikey tipped Godzilla makes a short appearance as his back barely breaks the surface of the ocean as we see scientists and military scrambling to drop the bomb on him. With little explanation of the outcome of that explosion or the decades of time that passes, we end up in 1999. Ironically a year after the last American made Godzilla film dropped and flopped.

I'll summarize what happens in 1999. Japanese scientist? / excavator? finds a giant hole, fossils and the trail of an enormous monster that must have caused the hole leading to the ocean....hmmm...anyone notice a goddamn monster slothing it's way across to the beach?

Cut to the star of the film (Or is he?) Bryan Cranston.

Fresh off the cult hit Breaking Bad, you'd think the screen writers would give someone with acting chops much more to work with. Instead, we get the stereotypical Nuclear scientist Joe Brody who's so into his work that his wife played by Juliette Binoche(does she even have a name) has to remind him that today's his birthday and that he actually has a son.

Phenomenal actress Binoche, barely gets any screen time before she's offed in a hallway by a pink version of the smog monster from Lost. This is where we are supposed to start caring about the characters in this movie right? Nope

The whole damn nuclear power plant implodes, silos and all right before the eyes of Cranston's characters son, Ford, who is dumbfounded as he watches from his school room window. Yeah, because building a school mere miles from a Nuclear Power plant is a good call.

Fast forward 15 years later, modern time, good ole 2014.

Ford played by Aaron Taylor Johnson of KickAss, is your basic run of the mill soldier returning from service to a young wife and son in California. After promising to be around for his son in a poignant bed time scene he gets a call about his own dad and does not see the kid again til the end of the film. Cats in the cradle....

Father Brody is up to his old hijinks again as his attempts to visit his former home in the Nuclear No No zone are thwarted again. I was really hoping for a scene where a giant taco is seen chasing him away. Ford shows up in Japan to bail out his ole dad who soon convinces him that they both should go to the NO NO zone and of course get arrested. We find out that Brody's conspiracies about a government coverup all these years might have some bearing when he slips off his Buzz Lightyear mask and realizes it's all safe in Andy's room. No radiation and his treasured floppy disks are still intact. This is where we get to see Cranston really act right? We'll get to see what was so important about these discs right? Nope

Instead, the directors split up the Brody boys. While Cranston gets interrogated, Ford is stuck in the back of a van. Japanese scientist/excavator is shown to be the leader of a group of people staring at an embilical chord that's feeding off all that radioactive waste. Cranston makes the best of his role with an epic one man solo as he fights back tears and demands answers. When the earth starts shaking like it's 1999, they shut down whatever is supplying the chord with radiation and the damn thing turns into a praying mantis monster with a head that looks straight out of Transformers.. Cranston gets gravely injured at the power plant and once it again it all happens right in front of his son. Damn!

Japanese scientist/excavator/monster breeder picks Brody and son to help him get things back on track even though Brody has one foot in the grave and another on a chiquita banana.

Brody dies. No time to mourn doctor jones. The movie hasn't even seen a glimpse of Godzilla and we're already down two incredible actors. hmmm
I've gone on longer than I hoped for in this review so I'll try to summarize the second half of the movie.

Godzilla appears. Military get involved and decide to blow up the monsters with a bomb. The love interest of the first praying mantis monster(Muto) appears and they have a disturbing moment where they rub up against each other like two star crossed lovers. Let me not forget that the second love monster escaped from another gigantic hole unnoticed. This time from the side of a Nevada underground base filled with Nuclear Waste. I call Bullshit. This place doesn't have an alarm?

Despite already surviving several harrowing near misses, Ford joins the miltary forces trying to track and stop the mighty beasts. He eventually has time to call his wife shortly before jumping out of a plane with the intent to single handedly detonate a nuclear bomb. Bridges destroyed, cities demolished and we finally get to see Godzilla in action.

The ensuing grappling match between Godzilla and the two love birds is disjointed at best. With various cut aways and scenes so dark I could barely make out what the hell was going on, I started to nod off. Seriously I waited for this?

Japanese scientist/excavator drops the worst line in the movie..."Let Them Fight". Thanks Bruce Buffer. Despite the odds, Godzilla Hulks up and is victorious. Ford realizes he can't detonate the bomb so he sails it off coast. Godzilla cuts off the remaining Muto and both Ford and the King of Monsters pass out.

Hollywood ending, family reunite and Godzilla decides to get up and walk away.
Somehow Godzilla became the Hulk and Aaron Taylor Johnson's Ford retained his KICK ASS(1 &2) characteristics as he survives every insurmountable odd without barely a scratch.

I call Bullshit on this entire movie. Arguably the greatest, cross cultural, movie monster of all time was treated like a complete afterthought. The few characters I actually began to be invested in were killed off just as they were developing. Godzilla was as devoid of fun as it was devoid of Godzilla itself. This movie left me wanting...wanting to rewatch Pacific Rim and Cloverfield.