Friday, August 29, 2014

LOTD! Deathwish Compilation...a little late but worth it

The dog days of summer are here again. Seems like just yesterday when I was trying to compile a summer listening list for this site and like most times, procrastination got the best of me. Well I strolled across this compilation as I navigated the bandcamp landscape this morning. What a compilation this is. Not only does it feature two of my favorite bands, Converge and Code Orange, but also includes a bevvy of Deathwish artists who demand attention. Check out the tracks by Wovenhand, Doomriders, Deafheaven and Cold World for starters. Compilations like this are far and few between these days. Actually this takes me back to the dog days of summer in the late 90's when Victory Records used to put out some incredible comps.......cue the wavy flashback scene...fade out.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

LOTD! King Leviathan

Today's LOTD! comes from a high quality Thrash band out of the UK. King Leviathan's first single, Deathmarch, off their upcoming EP is really impressive. It starts with a standard thrash intro and then the killer vocals kick in. The lyrics and mix of thrash/robust vocals is refreshing. I look forward to a lot more of this band.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SHEAVY – The Best of Sheavy : A Misleading Collection
Two new Sheavy albums in less than a year’s time – I feel like it’s my birthday.  Sheavy is one of my top four stoner rock bands.  (Nightstalker, Sheavy, Solace and Wo Fat.  Why those four?  Because they’re my favorites, that’s why; just a matter of taste.)  Anybody who says that Sheavy is trying to sound like Sabbath doesn’t know their Sabbath very well.  Yes, there are a few tunes that are clearly Sabbath inspired, but just a few (Electric Sleep is clearly inspired by the first two Sabbath albums, and Last of the V8 Interceptors contains seems to be inspired by Never Say Die).  The band members are big Sabbath fans, just like so many of us.  And Steve has a similar voice to Ozzy, but no one who knows their Sabbath would ever confuse Steve’s voice for Ozzy’s.  Did you ever watch the “Simpsons did it” episode of South Park?  The main idea of the episode is that the Simpsons have been around for so many years and have had so many great creative ideas, no one should be faulted for taking inspiration from particular Simpsons shows.  That being said, I don’t think this new album sounds much like Sabbath at all.
                A short list of what’s cool about “The Best of Sheavy, a Misleading Collection”:
                                It’s called “The Best of Sheavy” but it’s all new material
                                Who the hell knows who is on the album cover?  
                                It’s really heavy
                                It does deserve consideration as Sheavy’s best album
                Evan Chalker is rapidly becoming one of my favorite guitar players.  He is extremely subtle about the way he kicks ass, but boy is he a talent!  His solos are sparse but SO tasteful.  His tone is impeccable at all times, and he pretty much always plays the perfect thing at the perfect time.  The track names are as follows:  track one is 0000000001, track two is 0000000011, track three is 0000000111, and so on (track 10 is ten ones).  I don’t think they are supposed to represent binary numbers, because the numbers would translate to: 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127, 255, 511 and 1023.  The last Sheavy release took me by surprise and took me a while to appreciate.  This album, howev er, I fell in love with on the very first listen.  On my first listen I “favorited” eight out of the ten tracks, and by the second listen they were all marked as favorites on my mp3 player.  I would describe the sound of this album as a cross between the two previous albums, Disfigurine and Moons In Penumbra.  There is great transition between the tracks – in fact, you might think that tracks one through three were just one tune, as each just flows right into the next without hesitation.    
                Dan Moore was such a great guitar player, yet Steve Hennessey managed to replace him with a talent just as great.  Evan’s style is different than Dan’s, yet Sheavy has managed to maintain their heaviness and distinctiveness.   I am grateful that there is a band as cool as Sheavy out there, and I am hopeful that some of you will go out and support this band by picking up a copy of “The Best of Sheavy” at or  Sheavy should be selling out major venues, but is playing small clubs, and recording performances at a high school auditorium and a Masonic temple.  If you like what you hear in the video, check out the band’s complete discography (you will be blown away), and spread the word - SHEAVY!!!

Steve Hennessey - vocals
Evan Chaulker - guitar
Jason Williams - drums
Glenn Tizzard – bass

My Sheavy collection  (Celestial Hi-Fi and Sychronized are out of order, but I'm not taking the picture over!  I am also missing a physical copy of Blue Sky Mind – keeping my eyes open)

LOTD! CODE ORANGE "I Am King" Full Album

I've said it before and I'll say it again. CODE ORANGE are game changers. Their new cd is up for Preorder and is currently streaming on Youtube. This is a must listen and early candidate for my pick of the year. Lethal and unorthodox, "I AM KING" represent the destructive force that is CODE ORANGE.

CODE ORANGE "I Am King" CD/LP/Digital - In Stores 9/2/14

View of the Day! BLACKHOUSE "the fear"

We're proud to share with our readers the new video 
for the song "the fear" by Blackhouse.
Lead vocalist Kevin Grant has been a great contributor to this site and we always love supporting the great talent we have in-house. Check it out and hear their new EP on bandcamp. 

Recorded 7/13 @ New Alliance in Cambridge MA.
released 19 August 2014

Mario, Tim and Mike: bass guitars.
Ed: drums.
Kevin: words.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Radio Moscow: Magical Dirt
Rock Is Alive And Well

“Trends come and go, but the idea of guys getting together in a garage and playing the kind of music that makes the neighbors call the cops – that’s forever.”  (from the “about” page).  Parker Griggs clearly listened to a whole lot of Hendrix, and he is talented enough to capitalize on it.  Radio Moscow is honest, guitar-driven high energy rock.  The opening track, “So Alone”, really deserves consideration for best tune of 2014.  No drop-off from there, as tunes two through ten continue to kick major ass.  Radio Moscow is old-school, one guitar, one bass, one drummer straight-up hard rock.  Radio stations that play rock seem to play only “classic rock”, but here is a band playing brand new rock in that classic style.  Radio Moscow has a truly authentic late 60’s/early 70’s sound with truly inspired songwriting.  I am going to stop gushing about this album so you can click on the video below and check out “So Alone”, the opening track from Magical Dirt, Radio Moscow’s new album.  I hope some of you will go out and buy the album and spread the word about this kick-ass band.                     -Ultra

Radio Moscow is:

·         Parker Griggs – vocals, guitar, drums, percussion
·         Anthony Meier – bass
·         Paul Marrone – drums

Friday, August 22, 2014

Big News for this year's Rock and Shock in Worcester

From the folks who bring us the NEW ENGLAND METAL AND HARDCORE FEST, this year's Rock and Shock looks pretty damn awesome. A special and rare appearance by King Diamond kicks off a full weekend of concerts and events. If you're into meeting celebs, there will be plenty of them. From Cheer's John Ratzenberger to WWE great Roddy Piper, the mix is great.

My own personal pick is the Saturday Night lineup with Gwar and Life of Agony. This is Gwar's first stop in the area since Dave Brockie's passing. Also that night is the long awaited return of Life of Agony. With several years in between touring and many since their last cd, I'm highly anticipating this set.

Thursday, October 16, 2014
-Main Stage-
King Diamond
Support TBA

Friday, October 17, 2014
-Main Stage-
Machine Head
Children of Bodom
Local TBA (Breakthru Music Presents: Battle for Rock & Shock winner)
Discussing the Curse

Zire’s War
My Missing Half
The Rivers
Red Equals Meltdown
The Devil Inside Us

Saturday, October 18, 2014
-Main Stage-
Life Of Agony
Dying Fetus
Darkest Hour
Local TBA (Breakthru Music Presents: Battle for Rock & Shock winner)

Thy Will Be Done
Acaro (Final Show)
American Shark
Madison Apart
Tomorrow Will Fall
Swarm of Eyes

Sunday, October 19, 2014
-Main Stage-
Kung Fu Vampire
Pysch Ward Druggies
Neurtic November
Local – Local TBA (Breakthru Music Presents: Battle for Rock & Shock winner)

J.E.M.INI and Bloodspits
Lyrical Deathwish
Outland Camp
Sadistic Anthology
Shane Slaughter

Scott Weiland not Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland was not arrested and incarcerated for METH. TMZ always trying to get the drop on celebrity news come hell or high water really screwed the pooch this time. The website very recently reported that the former STP/Velvet Revolver front man was arrested for stealing items from a pharmacy and possessing Meth. With a lot of certainty, the website went on to detail that Mr. Weiland had pulled the "don't you know who I am" card and was in the pen for a month. This is all untrue.

Even faced with the facts, the site continued to add updates to their story quoting authorities who stated they had physically checked the status of the supposed criminal and it indeed was Weiland. This was all happening even after Weiland himself posted a video via Facebook stating his status as recording his new album and touring.

Finally today, TMZ updated their story for at least the third time without apology.
"Oops. The BHPD got back to us late Thursday night and said they made a BIG mistake ... the inmate is actually a 44-year-old guy named Jason Michael Hurley. They discovered it through belated FBI fingerprint analysis, even though he's been locked up since July 26."

So not only did the media ignore the verification from Weiland himself but they continued to worsen the problem by quoting inept authorities who obviously can't use a google search to compare and ID the suspect they have in custody.

Regardless of Mr. Weiland's past history with drugs, it's a complete shame that in this age of technology and access to information that not only a website that tauts itself as the end all and be all of celebrity gossip but the criminal system itself can't get a story right.

I forsee a lawsuit in the future as Weiland has already been quoted as saying TMZ will hear from his lawyers. Looks like TMZ could spend a bit more time Fact Checking and a little less time making hacky jokes about celebrities on their daily tv program. Who the hell gave them a TV Show anyway?

Friday Flashback LOTD!

Today we flashback to 2005. The year Chino released onto the musical landscape a side project that would eventually permeate into the sound of the Deftones for years to come. This is still one of my favorite of his several side projects. It's as fresh as the day it was released. More info to come about Team Sleep but for now enjoy.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Today's LOTD! is coming from a band that I've been playing a lot of lately. It was incredible to see Code Orange(formerly Code Orange Kids) live when they opened for KSE a few weeks ago. They are a visceral band and I can only describe their performances as a raw destructive force. These folks are legit scary. Their videos are so sinister, the latest premiered on the horror site Fangoria. Check out their latest video "Dreams in Inertia" to see what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

KARMA TO BURN: Arch Stanton

Best Album Since Wild Wonderful Purgatory

                I was first introduced to Karma To Burn a few years ago by (same idea as Pandora), which played the tune “Twenty Nine”, and I was hooked.  A fat distorted bass lick kicks off three minutes and three seconds of aggressive, catchy riffs which evolve before they ever get monotonous.  No vocals; KTB is an instrumental band which specializes in three to five minute aggressive, ass-kicking jams.  Their first album had vocals and “normal” song titles, because their record company refused to publish them without vocals and traditional titles.  After the first album, the band fired the company (Roadrunner Records) and put out “Wild Wonderful Purgatory” under the independent label MIA Records.  “Wild Wonderful Purgatory” has been the band’s defining record, with numbers for song titles, and of course no vocals.  The song titles are not even sequential; Track one is titled “Twenty”, and track two is “Twenty Eight”.  Track nine is “One”; you get the idea.  Some tunes are better than others, but the album is solid through and through, and contains three of my top five KTB tunes: “Twenty Nine”, “Thirty Two” and “Eight.”  Subsequent albums “Almost Heathen”, “Appalachian Incantation”, “V”, the remake of the first album, and the six track import from Heavy Psych Sounds in Italy have all been great releases., but for some reason “Wild Wonderful Purgatory” has always been my favorite (possibly because it was my first).   When a band writes so many instrumental tracks, there are bound to be some awkward transitions here and there, but overall Karma To Burn has done an impressive job of reinventing the wheel, album after album.  Enter “Arch Stanton.”  The very first track, “Fifty Seven”, did for me what “Twenty Nine” did years ago – it just hit me the right way and became an instant favorite.  And the fifth track, “Fifty Five” (see video below) also joins my top five KTB tune list.  If you don’t like instrumental hard rock but are thinking of bands like Earthless and Tia Carrera, with their twenty minute floating jams, give Karma To Burn a try.  The tunes are shorter in length, heavy and focused.  In this age where so much popular music is created in the studio without any real instruments, bands like Karma To Burn remind us of how bad-ass a guitar player, bass player and drummer can really sound.    -Ultra

"Fifty Five":

Karma To Burn is:

Rob Halkett: Bass
Evan Devine: Drums
William Mecum: Guitar


Decline and Fall EP

   Sometimes Godflesh's music is akin to listening to the rhythm of a water droplet hitting the base of a porcelain sink. The monotony can be enough to drive some people to take a wrench, lock down every faucet, put a for sale sign on the lawn and drive their minivan off the nearest cliff. For people like myself, it's intriguing enough to want to turn open all the valves and wade in the flood of industrial sludge. Their is simplicity in the construct of the mechanical dirge and the delivery of gut punch vocals that breaks the barrier between just listening to a record and feeling it. I've become a huge fan of Justin Broaderick's side gig in JESU, one of the most beautifully depressing bands of all time. Godflesh are the evil stepfather of JESU. For years, the band has influenced a slew of other industrial metal bands. Many of those followers went on to build their own factories of fear off the multifaceted Godflesh floor plan. The current Godflesh sound is as stripped down as it's ever been. Dare I say, this is their most accessible (to the willing) release they've ever come up with. Broaderick's vocals have always sounded to me like the accompanying gun fire to an all out mortar attack. As the music disperses through your ear drums the quake of Broderick's vocal spurts patter against the cerebral cortex until all senses are one. Anticipating the full release will be as great as this EP. Run don't walk when it comes out. - review by grownman